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Would you like to take part in the project?

To become a Mystery Shopper just email to request a registration form and more information. You can download the forms online but make sure you contact me to sign up initially.

Then, you can ‘Shop’:

• Choose a gig or festival and then email Nancy to check whether we need it shopped.
• Book tickets – one for yourself and, if you require, one for a personal assistant
• Attend the event, and fill in a Mystery Shopping Form and then email us an Invoice Form for your tickets and travel expenses to get a refund.
Please have a look at the Registration Information and read through the FAQ and the Guide to the Mystery Shopping forms before submitting your first Mystery Shop.


The Registration Form

We’d like all of you, experienced shoppers and newcomers alike, to fill out a Registration form below. We need this information in order to administrate the project effectively, contact you, and pay expenses etc. You might notice that the form asks you to return the form to Attitude is Everything HOWEVER PLEASE RETURN ALL YOUR PAPERWORK TO ME DIRECTLY – this is because I need to include your feedback in the North East project specifically.

The Equal Opportunities Form

After you have registered we will email over an Equal Opportunities form – we have been asked by our funders to track this information, and it will be treated as anonymous information and detached from your personal details. You don’t have to fill it out if you’d prefer not to.

The Mystery Shopping Forms

The details of your experiences at live music events are of huge interest to us. The more you tell us about the positive and negative elements of your experiences, the better. The more detail we can give in feedback to venues and festivals, the more chance they’ll have of making tangible improvements. Accompanying photographs are always welcome to show us specific barriers you’ve come across or examples of good practice.

The Mystery Shopper Invoice Form

We will also email you an invoice form – this should be used to claim back ticket and travel expenses from Mystery Shops.
Please also read the Guide to the Mystery Shopping Forms and FAQ.

Please note: due to limited funds, each Mystery Shop has an expenses limit of £40 – this includes gig tickets and travel expenses for you and a personal assistant, however please remember to agree the Shop in advance or else we may not be able to reimburse you. We need to receive the form and any expenses claims within a month of the event.

Ideally, we would like forms to be filled in by downloading it from our website and emailing it to

This is the fastest, safest and easiest way for us to receive information (however if you are not able to do this please let us know so that we can suggest an alternative process). You can email the Invoice Form back to us along with e-mail confirmations of tickets/travel. If you don’t have an e-mail confirmation, you can digitally photograph or scan tickets instead.

It is very important that you check with us before buying tickets to ‘Shop’ any event, gig or festival as we may not be able to agree to it – we don’t want you to miss out on events so if you want to go anyway you can of course buy tickets for any gigs you wish, but please bear in mind that we might not be able to reimburse your costs if it is not agreed. There is a limited time scale and we have limited funds for the Mystery Shopping project so need to approve each ‘shop’ in advance. Also, some venues may already have been shopped already so we need to cover as much ground as possible!

You can choose whatever gig you want to go to but we it must be a live music event – sometimes gigs take place in non-traditional music venues (eg pubs, libraries, galleries, studios etc) and these are often fine to shop for this project, however it must be a live music gig!
Please Note: If you don’t fill in the Mystery Shopping form or you only half fill it in, then you can’t claim your expenses back!

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to email me at


I’m not Deaf or disabled, can I be a Mystery Shopper?
No, sorry. Our Mystery Shopping Project is solely for Deaf and disabled gig and festival goers. However if you are not Deaf or disabled, but notice good/bad practice in a venue or festival, or witness something relevant, then please do e-mail us with details, it is always useful to receive feedback of this kind.

Can I do a Mystery Shop outside of the North East?
No, sorry. This project covers the North East of England (Northumbria, Tyne & Wear, County Durham & the Tees Valley)

I’m a sports fan, can I Mystery Shop a sports match or event?
No, sorry. The project is specifically concerned with music.

Do I only have to look at the access as far as my own impairment is concerned?
No. Ideally we would like Mystery Shoppers to be as objective as possible. In terms of anecdotal evidence, your own experience will obviously be primary, but in terms of access, facilities and barriers, we would like you to look for a broad range if possible, when answering all questions on the form. We understand that in some cases this will not be feasible (with the yes/no section of the form, it is important to use the ‘don’t know’ box rather than the ‘no’ box if you are unsure if a venue has certain facilities).

A gig I want to attend is going to work out as more expensive than the maximum expenses of £40, can I still go?
As we have limited budget for this project we cannot increase the allowance, however you may of course claim up to the limit and cover the extra expense yourself.

I am going to an outdoor gig – shall I use a festival form instead of the venue form?
We do have a separate form for festivals so let me know if you would like me to send this through to you. Use whichever form/questions are most appropriate for the gig, for example, if you attend a festival that is based in a venue, or in various venues, you may choose to use the venue form even if the event is billed as a festival (you could fill in a few venue forms for different venues used in a festival.) If in doubt, get in touch to discuss this.

How do I claim for travel expenses if I have driven?
Reasonable claims will be reimbursed, based on the actual cost of petrol used. We have set this amount as 20 pence per mile. Please include a (scanned or digitally photographed) petrol receipt with your invoice, and indicate the distance travelled.

Should I take photos?
In order to sign off a festival or venue on the Charter of Best Practice, we need a range of evidence including a set of clear photographs. Photos are also really useful for venues and festivals that we are not yet working with. As a mystery shopper, you can help us out by talking digital photos of access facilities at the gig or festival you attend, and sending them to us in an email. If you are not able to that is fine, but they do really help in giving us a better understanding of your feedback form.

Please be guided by the following list if you are able to collect any photographic evidence. Be discrete and only take photos that are possible as a customer – please do not engage staff in order to take a photo in a certain location which would highlight your role as a mystery shopper, as this can affect how accurate/reliable your feedback is.
Photo Guide

Guide to the forms

• Download the Guide to the Venue Mystery Shopping Form.

How to complete the PDF forms

1. You need an up-to-date version of Adobe Reader to complete these PDF forms.
Click to get the free latest version of Adobe Reader

2. Don’t fill the form out in your internet browser, but download it to your computer.

3. Download the PDF form by right clicking on the link and clicking ‘Save as’.

4. When you are finished email it back to me at

5. Save a copy of your completed form to keep on your computer in case we don’t receive it.
• Download the Guide to the Venue Mystery Shopping Form for help with filling it in.
• Anyone having any problems with the form should contact me directly or contact

• If you are having problems accessing the form, then please let us know as alternative formats are available.


• Download a Mystery Shopper Registration Form
• Download an Equal Opportunities Form
• Download a Venue Mystery Shop Form
• Download a Venue Mystery Shopping Form Guide
• Download an Invoice Form to claim back your expenses.

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