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Business Coaching: Chilli Studios and Jane Longrigg

Jane Longrigg, one of our amazing business coaches as part of the fully funded Supply Chain North East programme, helped Chilli Studios navigate and establish a marketing strategy for a specific new business strand to take their organisation to the next level.

‘Jane was a massive help, her level of research into the areas we required have greatly supported our progress towards reaching a point where we can start trading.’

Chilli Studios

1. Tell us about the background of the company

We are a charity that is trying to develop a venture that will support our sustainability.

2. Who are your customers and what do you sell?

Our customers will be through online sales, targeting individuals who would buy/subscribe for ‘Art boxes’.

3. Why did you decide to contact the Supply Chain North East programme?

We were made aware of the opportunity through a previous volunteer.

4. What are your strengths, what do you do well?

We are a very creative group, full of ideas and passion for our work around supporting people with mental health issues.

5. How did the programme help you on your diversification journey?

Jane was able to provide us with very valuable information about marketing and logistics, as well as other valuable assistance.

6. What is the most useful lesson you’ve learnt from your experience of being on the Supply Chain programme?

The support helped us to reach a greater focus on what the business will be, as our original position was very vague.

7. What advice would you give to others in the North East looking to diversify their own businesses?

When developing a new business use every opportunity to get new perspectives, especially from those with experience and knowledge can greatly help.

8. What are your plans for the future?

We are now designing the products and website and will reflect on where we are throughout this process before making concrete plans beyond that.

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