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Apple Take Another Bite

After announcing a range of new iPads, iMacs and more details about its cashless ‘Apple Pay’ system this month, Apple has announced a net profit 0f $8.5bn (£5.24bn), an overall rise of 13% year on year.

Exceeding the expectations of naysayers and analysts alike in its Q4 report, iTunes sales of $4.6bn (£2.85bn)- up by 7% year on year with Apple also selling over 39 million iPhones.

Despite this, iPod sales predictably slumped from 3.5bn to 2.6bn and the iPad disappointed, with a mere 12.3 million sold, down from 13.1 million in the previous year.

Apple Pay is a near field communications (NFC) system that allows users to scan their fingerprint using an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus to access stored credit information to pay for goods at participating retailers. Mac laptops also hit a record high despite the widely reported demise of the global PC market.

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