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BPI: Jesus Walks

The BPI is due to take a file sharing service called ‘Dancing Jesus’ to criminal trial this month. Now read that sentence back and try and keep a straight face this time.

The tables were turned when Dancing Jesus was taken down in 2011 following an investigation carried out by the BPI and the IFPI, with help from the Department of Homeland Security– an operation reportedly known as ‘The Crucifixion’, though The Gen could not possibly reveal its source on that information.

A BPI spokesperson confirmed that they will be the first to cast a stone: “A trial is scheduled to take place at Newcastle Crown Court this month regarding the illegal distribution of music via an internet forum site called Dancing Jesus. It is a private prosecution being brought by the BPI following an initial joint investigation by BPI and the IFPI, with assistance from US Department of Homeland Security and the City of London Police”.

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