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BPI: Sync and Swim

The BPI has announced that collective sync revenues paid to UK record labels from TV, film and adverts rose by over 3% last year, bringing income to just under £19m, this supplements the previously announced 1.9% rise in annual revenues on recorded music in 2013.

BPI Chief Executive Geoff Taylor said: “With so many talented British musicians across such a broad range of genres, it is no surprise that producers and directors continue to turn to UK talent to source music to bring their creative vision to life”.

Taylor continued: “2013 saw an increase in the demand for music to be used in movies, TV programmes and adverts with many new and established artists reaping the benefits of national exposure. Not only do sync deals act as a profile-raising opportunity with a mass audience but with the tagging technology of Shazam and the connectivity of a smartphone a well-placed sync can lead to discovery of an artist’s entire catalogue and, importantly, a boost in sales”.

The figures are well timed as the BPI are currently in LA on a week long sync mission, meeting with US music, TV, film, and advertising execs alongside the likes of Cooking Vinyl, Amazing Radio and the London Symphony Orchestra. Find out more and read a lot more quotes if you are so inclined here.

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