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Brits Abroad

The BPI has revealed that British artists sold one in every eight albums sold around the world in last year, taking 13% of the global market. In addition, Brits have claimed the top selling album in six of the last seven years.

So, whose subversive talents were leading the charge and continuing British pop’s legacy of eccentricity and keen social reportage? One Direction of course, whose LP ‘Midnight Memories’ sold 4 million copies during the period between its release at the end of November and the end of that year.

Their second album, ‘Take Me Home’ also came in as the fifth global best seller of 2013. Mumford and Sons, Adele and Robbie Williams made up the rest of a starkly predictable top five.

The BPI’s Gennaro Castaldo said: “For home-grown talent to have recorded the world’s biggest-selling album six out of the last seven years is a phenomenal achievement that says a great deal about the popularity of British music around the world, especially taking into account the fact that one in every eight albums sold globally are by UK artists”.

Castaldo continued: “Aside from the obvious contribution to British exports, this success underlines the vital role that our music and artists play in promoting the appeal of British culture around the world”.

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