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Live Nation: Cereal Thriller

Major concert promoters Live Nation have partnered up with dethroned search engine and news site Yahoo to live stream a concert each day for a year. Starting this summer, 365 shows ranging from emerging to arena-sized acts will be shown on Yahoo’s website.

If this didn’t all sound quite surreal already, they have also announced that cereal maker Kellog will be the programme’s first sponsor. So, you can enjoy a bowl of Coco Pops and a Coldplay gig and never leave the house again.

It all makes sense in a way, Kellogs being a dominant force and equivalent to Live Nation in the cereal world, which The Gen hears is every bit as cut throat as the music industry.

Chief Marketing Officer at Yahoo Kathy Savitt said: “There’ve been a lot of attempts in the past to launch events online in more of a one-off or episodic nature. This is the first time, at scale, where two behemoths are getting together and saying, ‘Live is the future, and we’re gonna create a daily habit for music fans”.”.

Talking of two behemoths getting together – The Gen join The Fall in suggesting that the nation should “Eat Y’self Fitter”.

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