Who are you, and what is your day job? How long have you been involved in Generator?

David Haley. I run and manage the Business Outsourcing Division for a global Digital Transformation company, Atos. My day job is to manage c6,500 colleagues world-wide who deliver end-to-end transformation and services for our customers in the Financial, Banking and Insurance Services sector. I was fortunate enough to have joined the Generator Board in May of 2019.

What interests you about Generator’s work and why did you want to become a board member?

I was introduced to Jim Mawdsley and Generator back in 2003 when I enrolled in the Music Management courses being run at the time. I had started working with a North East based singer songwriter Beccy Owen and we were embarking on a new label, album and distribution deal so I turned to Generator for support, advice and learning. The content, mentors and tutors were superb and I became hooked on the work of Generator. When Evolution started to emerge as the regions major festival at the time, again I got involved. I have 3 adult sons all of whom have been involved in music and live performances (acoustic singer/guitarist and DJ) so again the support of Generator was important. I wanted to ‘give back’ and use my vast business experience for the benefit of Generator. I also love live music, new music and live performances so supporting the development of these vital creative events was so important to me I had to join the Board.

What are you most excited about when it comes to the future of Generator?
The focus and development of artist support, writing, production and the growth of live performances is what really excites me, so whilst we continue to deliver the critical coaching and networking for our Digital Union members, the development of our core music services is what really excites me.