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Official Charts: Don’t Stream It’s Over

The Official Chart Company (OCC) is set to finally include audio streams for the first time from next month, based on plays through streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer and others but not YouTube and Soundcloud.

In the new chart compilation process that speaks volumes about the value of a single stream, 100 streams will count as equivalent to 1 physically bought or digitally downloaded single.

Chief Executive of the Official Charts Company Martin Talbot said: “Audio streaming has grown at an extraordinary rate over the past year – and the time is now right to take this important step”

Talbot continued: “The UK’s Official Singles Chart is culturally among the most important and influential in the world. We have been looking at this possibility for some time and now feel comfortable that our methodology is correct and that summer 2014 is the time that we should take this step”.

The total number of weekly streams in the UK doubled from 100 million to 200 million from January 2013-2014. The current total sits at 260 million per week. So, yes the move is somewhat overdue but The Gen imagines that the various agreements with different services took some time.

Ah, digital licensing agreements- the new battleground of Rock n Roll! And this time its YouTube that are locked out in the cold, though The Gen imagines that they aren’t too bothered and presumably there is a long term plan to bring them onboard considering they are the biggest platform used by younger people to listen to music. Perhaps when their ever-contentious new streaming service launches to the sweet sound of Silicon Valley Indie label riots?

The OCC are also introducing the ‘Official Breakers Chart’, showcasing the 10 biggest new tracks of each week that have increased in both sales and streams. The first Official Singles Chart to incorporate streams will be unveiled from 4-7pm on Sunday 6th July on BBC Radio 1.

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