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Shazam: Live on Rdio

According to Billboard, music recognition service Shazam has partnered up with Rdio, removing the need for users to jump to an external site to listen to a full track.

The service is free via an iOS update and Shazam users who already subscribe to Rdio can just click on the Rdio preview button to hear the song.

Shazam Chief Product Officer Daniel Danker said: “What we’re launching today is supercharged with Rdio — the play button gets an Rdio logo in it, literally every play button in Shazam will have one once it’s connected”.

Ramping up the new tech hyperbole, Danker naturally said something about taking it to the next level, adding: “You have to think about how we think about the product we’re delivering. Our role is to be the magic that connects people with their world. We started in that role by delivering a seamless experience around music recognition, and have expanded to TV, and will activate every movie theater in the country. So we’re broadening out by not just telling you what the song is but things to do once its identified, so breaking out into separate apps would sort of disrupt that magic”.

Far from wanting to disrupt the magic, The Gen wonders at the usefulness of sitting in a cinema or in front of a TV show trying to become immersed in a narrative whilst needing to Shazam what it is you’re actually watching?

In other tech news, Soundcloud is reportedly nearing a long awaited deal with the majors, gets a $2m boost and investors are reportedly circling around the rather brilliant Spotify based – proving that the future (or at least this fortnightly edition) is all about the streaming.

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