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The co-founder of We Are Hunted, the discovery service acquired by Twitter in advance of launching their doomed “#music” project has this month launched a new music discovery site after parting ways with the social media site. analyses SoundCloud for the 99 most played tracks of the month and enables users to play them through an integrated web player.

Speaking to Gigacom Stephen Phillips said: “I am an entrepreneur to my bones, so ultimately, the call of the wild came for me again, and here I am. I just couldn’t help myself – I’m an obsessive music hacker!”

He added: “My hope is that music fans seeking cool sounds outside the top 40 might find it a really fun app”.

There are plans to incorporate play counts for various genres and of course, iOS and Android apps. We Are Hunted was definitely one of the more interesting discovery sites so this will be worth keeping an eye on.

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