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#Twitter #Music #RIP

Twitter’s music chart #Music will close next month, with Apple pulling the app from its store less than a year after its launch. The App has seemingly fallen from such great heights after initially climbing to Number Six in the free app downloads chart.

As reported, Twitter acquired music discovery site We Are Hunted in advance of launching #Music in April last year. Of course, the digital streaming era’s very own version of VHS vs Betamax is actually shaping up to be Beats vs Spotify, with Twitter’s music service having very little actual impact or innovating in this space.

The service plugged into existing platforms, providing a chart of music news, with users able to stream tracks through Spotify or Rdio, buy music through iTunes and watch videos on YouTube.

Billboard reports that Twitter issued a fairly nonchalant statement saying that it would: “Continue to experiment with new ways to bring you great content based on the music activity we see every day on Twitter”.

It will close on April 18th, and you can pay your respects here.

In related news, there is increasing chatter about Apple potentially launching a complete Spotify style streaming service or an iTunes app for Android as a way of maintaining their dominance in the digital sector. This follows the decline of digital download sales in the US as reported by Billboard.

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