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If a band set out to create music with the singular goal of soundtracking itunes adverts then I think Young Tide may have just cracked it. These guys make that angular infectious electro pop the blogs seem to consume and laud with gusto.

The London/Brighton collective throw in satchel loads of musical influences and some great, if nonsensical lyrics to create a bombastic and shouty brand of hipster pop. For those that like comparisons I’m thinking a bit of Foals, a smidge of Friendly Fires and quite a lot of the music featured in any Apple promo.

This isn’t a criticism of Young Tide at all. In fact, this song on repeat has made a very dull rail journey from the provinces to London much more fun. Its also made this forty something want to go and buy skinny jeans and eat in a cereal bar in Shoreditch. Now you can’t do that in Yorkshire.

Words by Steve Burton from Big Fish Little Fish

Tipped by Achal Dhillon from The Killing Moon

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