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Simbi Ajikawo, better known as Little Simz, has found herself on many a list for the forthcoming year including, obviously, Generator’s own Top Of The Tips. One other particularly exciting endorsement, alongside the likes of Amazing Radio’s Tips For 2015 and Vevo DSCVR, is that of Red Bull and the new season of their Channel 4 late night music show Launched. In exceedingly good company, Simz has performed on a special show due to be aired in January and hosted by Annie Mac – aimed at shining a much needed TV sized spotlight on emerging artists.

If you’ve missed everything from Simz so far then you can catch up via her Facebook page, or better yet, get yourself along to a show and see her spit live. She’s won much acclaim from various corners of the music industry for the consistent quality in her raps and releases, pushing boundaries and winning new fans along the way. Currently on the Wireless Presents RE:Wired tour featuring Moosh & Twist: OCD, they also have M.O. in support.

Words by Ruth Kilpatrick and Tipped by Grant Brydon

Liitle Simz was originally tipped back in February with words by Lewis Lister

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