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I am not usually one for sombre tracks, however, ‘Butterflies’ by Alphabetical Order Orchestra, is a short melancholy song that tugs at your heartstrings.  The single is the second release from the new guise of former Scottish indie rock experimentalists, My Latest Novel. The new band, Alphabetical Order Orchestra, is slimmer than the last consisting of brothers Chris and Gary Deveney and drummer Ryan King. Who collectively create the same strong melodies and song structures, you’d expect from My Latest Novel.

Their latest single, Butterflies, has a unique rustic sound, thanks to the soft strumming acoustic guitar throughout and earthy Scottish vocals, which put you at ease almost, like a lullaby. Although the lyrics are no children’s tale instead something much darker;

“So leaving everyone behind. It came in like a slow tide
. Washed me out into the night
. Lit my final cigarette
. I stretched out upon the couch
. And died”

Despite this don’t be put off. For Butterflies has an odd vibrancy about it as it builds slowly up from brooding choruses into a rip-roaring climax, half way through. As the end of the song approaches the climax dissipates in a split second, leaving you feeling oddly relived and reflective.

Words by Ruth Edmundson

Tipped by Tam Coyle from SMIA

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