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By now I’ve become adept at digging right into the dark depths of search engine obscurity to find even the smallest scrap of information about stubbornly enigmatic artists and Bayou is no exception. Thanks to – as far as I know – his only interview so far with Fader, I can tell you that the man behind the mystery is Hari Ashurst –co-owner of indie label Doube Denim and former Prizes band member.

For months Bayou’s anonymity has been intact but ‘Cherry Cola’ has been creating a stir online not least for its stunning visual accompaniment – a video shot by Jamie Harley which shows a couple er, copulating in soft focus (I’m making it sound seedier than it is. Just watch it). The song itself is quietly intense and tender. It’s a beautiful electro-pop record with an amatory narrative of lost love. ‘All that you do is waste my precious time’, he whispers overs slow, pulsating beats. Is ‘sexy melancholy’ a credible genre? If it is then Bayou definitely fits the bill alongside fellow sultry malcontents S O H N and MMOTHS.

Words by Lauren Vevers

Tipped by Dan Carson from Line Of Best Fit

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