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Today’s tip completely lives by its name, both track and artist. Black Honey are from Brighton and if their first piece of music, ‘Sleep Forever’, is anything to go by, they live up to that name.

‘Sleep Forever’ is slick and slow-paced much like a sticky liquorice or tar, both of which resemble Black Honey. And the track pretty much does what it says. Inside the pool of echo on the guitar you could lose yourself for hours, or dream to this track.

The music certainly reminds me of Warpaint, it being down tempo and dreamscape. The voice of this dream has been compared to Lana Del Rey, but I also hear flickers of the pain Gwen Stefani produces in her track ‘Cool’, and in the chorus, I can hear the wooing tone of Harry from Birmingham band Peace.

The most impressive thing about ‘Sleep Forever’ is that it’s only a demo. Brighton is on fire with new music now so an incredible debut track isn’t much of a shock, however a demo which has a dreamscape this beautifully produced, is very impressive. We can’t wait to get stuck in more Black Honey.

Words by Scott Hastie

Tipped by Andy Von Pip

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