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I first wrote about Blessa towards the end of 2012 for Crack in the Road, and in that time I have had the pleasure of catching the band live and seeing their development move from strength to strength. Rightfully attracting the attention of plenty of the blogosphere, Blessa are a very interesting outfit in their ability to craft melodies that galvanize a very driving vein that is evident in both of the current available tracks. I initially made the comparison to Let’s Buy Happiness, and I believe with ‘Unfurl’ that the comparison is still valid. However Blessa operate in a slightly more hazy, dreamy dimension, enticing your attention with a wash of guitars and a hypnotic lyrical narrative.

When I did see Blessa perform, ‘Unfurl’ stood out as a very strong track and it’s appearance as a record is very much welcomed. Capturing all that is enjoyable and exciting about the band, ‘Unfurl’ not only displays bags of promise, but it will also make sure to lodge itself into your consciousness and demand more than a few casual listens. Having already performed with the likes of Thumpers, and with an upcoming gig with Veronica Falls, make sure to keep your eye on Blessa as we progress further into 2013.

Words by Ben Blackburn

Tip courtesy of Emily Brinnand, Shell Zenner and Leigh Ecclestone

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