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Having played music together for a number of years, Glaswegian pop pups (or erm, cats) Kitty The Lion have recently renamed themselves Blood Relatives and are looking forward to the release of their debut album this Autumn. One of their members, Callum, is also a member of fellow Scots Midnight Lion (who, coincidentally, have also undergone a name change and are now known as Prides), who released the insanely infectious, perfect slice of electro pop ‘Sleeping in The Woods’ last year, which immediately bodes well for Blood Relatives before you’ve even given their new track ‘Dead Hip’ a listen. And damn, those Scots certainly know how to produce a good pop song.

‘Dead Hip’ is a playful, soaring tune with almost impossibly uplifting pop hooks and clever, playful lyrics delivered with a charming Glaswegian twang by vocalist Anna. It’s an irresistible track which loses none of its appeal with constant plays, even after the umpteenth listen – the true sign of a good, timeless pop song. They may not actually be related, but they’ve all certainly got pop music in their blood.

Words by Linsey Teggert

Tipped by Simon Pursehouse from Sentric Music

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