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Bloody Knees sound exactly how their names suggests. Dirty, scuzzy pop full of furious energy, and a fuzzy, nostalgic reminder of the care free days of youth. After first coming across them on a split 7″ with Birdskulls released earlier this year on Art Is Hard it’s been a joy to hear more and more from these 4 gents from Cambridge. ‘Stitches’ is the eponymous track from their new EP, and much like ‘Daydream’ from the same EP it’s influences are laid bare to see, yet this is no mere homage, Bloody Knees take those influences and blend them in with their own feedback strewn grit and bile into an instantly recognisable sound of their own. They’re not ripping off Nirvana; they’re the band Nirvana could have been.

The energy packed into the less than 3 minute length of ‘Stitches’ is exhausting and addictive, and the line ‘scrape my teeth across the floor’ just before the chorus is probably the best line I’ve heard all year. I wince every time i hear it yet it conjures up the perfect imagery to explain the vibe of the song, and I want to jump around and shout along whenever I hear it. Much like their peers Playlounge, Wytches, and Dingus Khan, Bloody Knees reminds you of why you fall in love with pop, punk and rock and roll in the first place, it’s fun, it’s a little dirty, but most importantly it’s music you care about so much no words can accurately convey the smiles and the passion felt listening to them.

Bloody Knees are touring the UK with Honeyblood in September and I can’t bloody wait to see them, I think I might have found my new favourite band.

Words by David McDonald

Tipped by Will Godfrey from Raygun Music

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