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Newcastle-born, Brighton-based quartet Demob Happy have been bubbling away under the radar for a while now, building a fan base and attracting critical acclaim. With the release of ‘Suffer You’ and a recently announced full UK tour for October 2014, they finally seem to be breaching the surface. A grungey, garage-rock riot, ‘Suffer You’ is full of wonderful juxtapositions: it’s neurotic but laid-back, scuzzy yet sun-kissed and chaotic yet tight. As slick guitar licks jolt into skittering percussion, it’s impossible not to fall for Demob Happy‘s off-kilter charm.

Achingly cool, ‘Suffer You’ exudes a confidence that suggests these boys were just meant to make music together, like some beautiful, beardy pre-destined fate.

Words by Linsey Teggert

Tipped by Stu from Picturesound

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