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We’re currently living in an age where ‘pop’ isn’t a dirty word, and this song from EKKAH certainly epitomises the point. It’s a funky, atmospheric and silky smooth number with a crescendo you can’t help but get lost in. ‘Figure It Out’, intentionally or not, seems to channel influences from the latter bit of the 20th century; 70s bassline, 80s groove, 90s smoothness. Influences that it combines perfectly. As well, in a way, this is what you could expect if Haim and Jessie Ware managed to all somehow come together and have a baby that happened to also be a distant relative of MJ and Whitney Houston.

There’s not much out there on the net about these two – namely Rebecca and Rebekah (that’s gonna get confusing some day). But this lack of information makes them all the more intriguing.

Words by Chad Male

Tipped by Tom Cotton from Amazing Radio

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