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This tune by JONES has literally come out of nowhere and as with many emerging artists these days, there isn’t much online to be found about her. Facebook and Twitter feature enigmatic updates and the only picture you can find is pretty blurry, but the song is great.

Stylistically, it’s not a million miles away from Dev Hynes’ work with Solange, and as a result features many similarities to his Blood Orange creations. The 21st century throwback to pop, soul and RnB of the latter century is a formula that works; team it with crystal clear production, inventive electronics and soulful vocals and you’re onto a winner. Wrapped in nostalgia, with one foot in the future, JONES also has earmarks of another newbie who’s done the rounds over the past year or so – Mapei. Hopefully we’ll either get more music, or something more tangible in the social media department soon, because this music has definitely got me on my toes.

Words Chad Male

Tip Tom Cotton

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