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In Manchester, when four-piece Letters To Fiesta were constructing their glorious electro-pop ditties, the chances are they weren’t thinking of penning odes to automobiles. It was probably raining though. Now, however, the sun is well and truly out and that crack of light shining down is most probably the result of ‘Vampires’, the latest track from the Manchester based band.

It begins like a beautiful sunrise, with its generous warmth emerging from beneath a cloud of echoing organs before Anna Louisa-Etherington’s haunting vocals gently stir the track into life. “You’re half a life, that’s what you are” Etherington sings, as you realise this is probably the closest to sunshine any vampire will ever get.

As it builds, tribal, electronic drums begin to thump and force their way to the forefront, with Etherington’s captivating ethereal vocals swooping and soaring, unbinding the rigid half life of those impenetrable, brooding electronic beats. “Pale and frail…” she sings, as the track begins its bass led descent back into the clouds, but there’s nothing frail about this track’s backbone.

Meanwhile, their track Statuettes happens to make for a pretty good accompaniment to today’s Maurice Sendak celebrating Google doodle.

Words by George Shaw

Tipped by Chris from Hey Manchester

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