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Formed out of the ashes of Pop Sex Ltd alumus The Neat, there’s not much Internet blurb around Life yet. But that’s just as well, right, ‘cos it means you can just concentrate on the songs for the time being. Although it makes writing about them harder, but, well, that’s my problem, not theirs.

To cut to the chase, ‘In Citrus’ is a blast. Just like the last release of their previous incarnation, it features the nimble producing fingers of Heartstring Mick Ross, and it’s a bracing sliver of glitzy, glammy pop music which is so damned catchy it might as well just be one long chorus. Even now, a little while after my last listen it’s still thoroughly embedded in my brain.

The band play their first shows as Life soon, starting this Friday at the Sebright Arms in Dalston, followed by a show at The Tipsy Bar (also Dalston) on the 4th of April. Go see them…

Words by Paul Brown

Tip courtesy of Dave Maul from Monkeysuit Music

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