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The key component of Soul music is the voice. Can a singer bring emotion and truly leave a lasting impression on the listener with the power of what they are singing? Newcastle’s Mo Parker certainly can.

The refreshing North East artist has given us not one but two tracks this month which are perfect introductions to the talented singer, who’s voice sits somewhere between the tenor of Joel Compass and the bassier vocals of Aloe Blacc, set to The Weeknd’s classy trip-hop beats.

‘FOLD’ is from his upcoming debut EP which is currently in the making and features beautiful imagery around a pack of playing cards:

Ace of Diamonds are stained, deep red in the blood of man
They shine just as bright, on the hand of your woman

The chorus brings with it a cloud of dreamscape which definitely has the capability to help you lose your mind for a little while. At the beginning of the week we were also treated to ‘SHY’, a song debuted on Made In Chelsea of all places! The electronics are certainly deeper and it’s clear to see that Mo Parker isn’t just about the voice. It’s about this futuristic soul music, which he calls Shifting Soul.

One thing is for sure, with ‘SHY’ and ‘FOLD’ being examples of beautiful, impressive and lasting songs, this musician is playing his cards right. With any justice, Newcastle might just have a new alternative superstar on it’s hands.

Words by Scott Hastie

Tipped by Simon Pursehouse from Sentric Music

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