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Bristol based Oliver Wilde has conjured up a gorgeous blend of lo-fi electronic singer-songwriter mastery with current single and free download ‘Curve (Good Grief)’. The track has an enthrallingly airy quality which perfectly complements the floating-in-the-sky theme of Oliver’s website. Offering sparse percussion, reverb laden vocals and subtle guitar; ‘Curve (Good Grief)’ finds itself in a ball park alongside everything from Elliot Smith to Aqualung.

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In the context of the other tracks on Oliver Wilde’s Soundcloud page, ‘Curve (Good Grief)’ sits perfectly in between the super-delicate ‘Flutter’ and the more punchy ‘Perretts Brook’. Now, having recruited a full band and residing under the wing of Howling Owl Records, we can expect to see and hear much more from this young chap in 2013. Find out more on Oliver’s Facebook page.

Words by Neil Wood

Tip courtesy of Tom from Gold Flake Paint

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