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Originally tipped in September, ‘Waterloo’ is an utterly beautiful piece of work, taken from the ‘Where’ EP which was released on Folkroom Records in June. Not a million miles away from the wintry air of Daughter’s album which has enchanted the world this year, ‘Waterloo’ is a powerful symbol of things to come in 2014 from Sophie Jamieson.

Sophie’s EP and her live shows garnered a hefty array of blog love this year, resulting in her being a fixture in all manner of ‘Ones to Watch in 2014’ lists, including a spot in the long list for the UK Blog Sound of 2014 alongside the likes of Banks and Iyes. It looks like it’s gonna be a pretty exciting year for Sophie Jamieson, and one which is thoroughly deserved too.

Words by Paul Brown

 Originally posted on The Tipping Point on September 3rd

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