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WALL, or Lyla Foy, is a London based singer (who is not be confused with the Japanese Punk band of the same name). A quick Google search returns a slew of black and white images that show her sitting coyly atop window ledges in sparsely furnished rooms. This aesthetic does well to describe her sound – stripped back and understated.

‘Shoestring’ is intoxicating, by which I mean it evokes that nice, wraithlike lightheadedness one gets after drinking Whiskey Sours in a cozy bar. She sings with a supple, tender tone like a younger, trendier Norah Jones (sorry Norah). The soft timbre of her vocal and the crudely produced organ establishes an ecclesiastical calmness; it’s a track with the ability to mollify anyone after a bad day at the (in my case purely proverbial) office. If this single whets your appetite, then listen to her cover of ‘Where Did Our Love Go’ by The Supremes because it’s equally serene.

Valentine’s Day has been and gone but I imagine WALL is probably quite good music to slide on the record player if you’re trying to impress a lady companion. Unless she’s into House. Or Heavy Metal.

Words by Lauren Stafford

Tip courtesy of Dan Carson

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