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Yorkshire is constantly top of the pops when it comes to bringing the radge these days, with perhaps the best heavy music scene in the country right now, with the likes of Blacklisters, Hawk Eyes, Bilge Pump and Humanfly providing delightfully ear-splitting noise to melt your brain and fuck your nervous system. Sheffield/Leeds duo Wet Nuns are part of this lovely bunch with their trademark blend of blues, stoner rock, punk and Americana, or ‘death-blues’, if you will. If you’re curious as to what the result of throwing the aforementioned into a melting pot would be, then ‘Broken Teeth’ is your port of call.

Driven by a down ‘n’ dirty sludgy riff and monstrous drumming, ‘Broken Teeth’ is a filthy leviathan of a track. The vocals are the knockout here: a deep, deranged growl which sounds like singer and guitarist Rob has done nothing but eat gravel, smoke Marlboro Reds and down a bottle of whiskey a day for two years straight. Oozing with masochistic, raw sexuality, ‘Broken Teeth’ makes you feel a little sleazy, but in the best way possible. So whip your shirt off, grab the booze and get sweaty.

Wet Nuns play SXSW Friday 15th March at BD Riley’s

Words by Linsey Teggert

Tip courtesy of Frank Wilkes from Higher Rhythm

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