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Our tip today opens with glittery guitars, bearing down on a melancholic but warm tale of a relationship in repair. It’s a lovely notion of a couple coming together on a promise to strengthen their bond, by making a vow to take care of their love.

London’s Wide Skies first met in 2012 and have been working hard in Brick Lane Studios finding their sound. We have their first creation for you today, called ‘Take Care of Love’.

The production is easy on the ears, and builds subtly. The percussion helps the build and an acoustic guitar really brings the story to life. It almost feels like a film, with the relationship’s problems exposed quickly, with ups and downs in emotion, before grand strings and big energy beams through in the music towards the end.

Vocalist Hannah Caughlin has the endearing softness of Natasha Khan but together with her bandmate Jamie McDonald they achieve a merge not unlike Nico and Lou Reed. They have experience under their belt, Hannah having worked with Roots Manuva in the past and Jamie having toured with The Strokes in his past band South.

The band promise more songs and their first live dates soon, so if you are in and about London and would like a reassuring hug in audio then keep on the lookout for Wide Skies.

Words by Scott Hastie

Tipped by Jonny Gray

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