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This afternoons tip is a debut from London based Girlhood, who make hip-hop inspired pop from a narrowboat on Regent’s Canal. The collaboration between Tessa Cavanna and Christian Pinchbeck was born out of frustration following, broken hearts, broken legs...
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‘Sleeper‘ by Our Girl is a massive grower, and seeing as I loved it on first listen anyway that’s a great sign. It is absolutely dripping in 90s alt rock influences from the likes of Sonic Youth, albeit more...
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Two-piece Tuff Love out of Glasgow has delivered an early Christmas gift: the moody and subtle track “Duke.” “Keep it simple” is a phrase uttered frequently, mostly by people who actively avoid doing just that. However, Tuff Love kinda...
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Today’s Tip comes from London based multi-instrumentalist Tabanca as she injects left-field pop into a sound that’s highly influenced by 90s R&B. Her new single ‘Lagoon‘ is a must listen for those who enjoy well produced, alternative, beat-based pop and after features...
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Hailing from Glasgow, Tongues. are a band who create bubbly and intriguing pop songs with a raw, gritty electronic base. Their E.P. is set for release this month and so far two songs have been released, the first, ‘Religion’,...
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Today’s tip from HQFU had me digging out my Lexicon Of Musical Neologisms in order better to describe her latest track ‘Dust & Dirt‘. Chilltrancesongtronica was what it suggested, and based on the piece’s varied use of kick drum,...
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Brighton Four piece Safe to Swim hit hard with ‘Forget life. Repeat’ an energetic slice of 90’s style heavy pop, brimming with witty lyrics, crashing guitars and catchy synth. This is an anthem that needs to be listened to....
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The internet is a magical thing isn’t it? We have the wonders of technology to thank for the formation of Leeds surf-grunge outfit Black Surf. Despite living on different continents, childhood friends Ali Epstone (vocals/guitar) and Phil Jones (lead...


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