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A Festival, A Parade launch deafening new single ‘The Vineyard’

Lead by frontman Joe Allan’s brooding vocals and lead guitarist Reece Spencer’s frantic, pummelling guitar work, the band’s latest effort evokes immediate comparisons to acts including Preoccupations and Mogwai, providing further proof of their new direction and refined sound....
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The bizarrely-titled ‘Wet Bark is a Slug’ is West Princes’ debut release, and one of those songs that gets better every time you hear it. The idyllic guitar and warm vocals combine for a delightfully sun-kissed tune that’s sweet...
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Personal problems are always hard to go through, but when you’re an artist you at least have the ability to be able to channel your feelings at the hardest of times into your craft. Making sure whatever you’ve created...
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Abrupt, moody and strange. These three words could describe teens just on the verge of their first growth spurt, but they also describe Blumenkind’s “Clung To (Part 3).” Unlike the teenager, however, ‘Clung To (Part 3)’ is pleasant on...
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Having already received heaps of praise from the UK’s rock press, including Kerrang Radio’s Alex Baker who referred to them as ‘probably my favorite band in the whole world’, it’s safe to say the future is looking bright for alt-rockers...


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