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“You never know if you don’t ask” seems to be the moral of the story surrounding the recording of Belfast-based folk band Arborist’s latest single, ‘Twisted Arrow’. In search of a unique voice to add to the wonderful folk...
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“Less is more” is an adage that seems to have become something of a mantra in the R&B world of late. Everything has been stripped back to the bare minimum and, with it, so has the emotional masks of...
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It seems the fashion now, among the younger crowd, is to ditch the guitars and the crusty but charming local who’ll put on your band for nothing and give you a pint on the house at the end in...
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Picture the scene. We’re in the final act of a rom-com. The main characters have had their fling and have now fallen out, as tends to be the way. Then comes the realisation that they are meant to be...
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For a moment, it looked like London-based Lyves AKA Francesca Bergami was just a flash in the pan. After releasing the beautiful ‘Visions’ and bagging herself a spot on Reading and Leeds’ BBC Introducing Stage last summer, she just...
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Packed with nostalgia and an endlessly appealing 90s vibe, ‘Laserbeam’, the latest track from Brighton indie pop trio Phantom Runners, is the kind of track that makes you feel like you’re hazily floating through the sky in a state...


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