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From the second onDeadWaves’ latest release, ‘Blue Inside‘, tip toes across your ear drums, it becomes strikingly apparent that this song will tell you a sorrowful story. The tale is told beautifully by the lead singer’s almost whispering voice...
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Glasgow gives us some Goosebumps with night-time neon anthem Hearts. It’s from three piece Atom Tree who make music best enjoyed in the darkness. It would be very easy to take the band’s geographical location and their love of...
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While North East five-piece Fractions have only just officially surfaced on the musical radar, they’ve wasted no time in treating us to a beautifully accomplished debut track that tantalisingly hints at what they have to offer. Breathe is a...
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London-based Molly Beanland’s infectious new cut, ‘Night Dreams’, is soaked in a vintage, 80’s pop aura from start to finish as rich synths, reverb-treated snare hits and a montage-styled promo video (full list of films used in said video...
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Plenty of ‘End of Year’ and ‘One’s to Watch’ lists are often accused of focusing on the latter half of the year under review, and in doing so they suffer from a level of music amnesia of records released,...
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Very little is known about today’s tip Vaults, well, pretty much nothing in fact, except that they’re London-based. A few days ago, the mysterious ensemble uploaded the perfectly produced, radio-ready ‘Cry No More’ to their Soundcloud page, a track...
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The ever gazing eye of Tipping Point Towers now falls upon Glasgow, with electro-pop trio Prides taking centre stage. Already endorsed by the effervescently popular CHVRCHES, Prides are the reincarnation of Midnight Lion, and the sense of a growth...
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So here we are, the climax of Generator’s ‘Top of the Tips 2012’, as voted by our Tipping Point network. With this said, I’d like to thank everyone who has contributed a tip throughout 2012, it is with your...


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