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Ask The Industry – Sam Telford

Sam, what’s your story? I started out working in record shops back in the early 2000s straight out of Uni and I did that for quite a while before starting interning on my days off at boutique sales/distro company...
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Ask The Industry – Sara Prendergast

Tell us a bit about yourself Sara.. I have been working in artist management at SB Management for nearly four years now after starting as an intern. I started out with zero experience in the music industry and not...
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Next up we have Mary Chang, Editor-in-Chief of There Goes the Fear (TGTF).  Although based in Washington, DC, Mary’s heart resides in the UK, and she has covered events, gigs and music festivals in North America, Europe and Australia. ...
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NME Makes Pledge To Emerging Talent

As a result of the partnership, NME Emerging artists will be encouraged to build their own campaigns with Pledge, and promote themselves to its community, while artists already utilising PledgeMusic will be able to push their projects to the...


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