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Streaming Drives new ERA for Retail

The Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) has published new stats showing that UK entertainment retail sales were up 6.4% in the first half of 2017, with the surprise twist being that music retail led the way with an 11.2% uplift...
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PRS: People Who Need PPL

PRS for Music and PPL, the UK collecting societies are proposing to create a new joint venture company to handle all public performance licensing for the UK. With businesses currently requiring both licences for playing music in public – PRS for use of...
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Adele Pips FIFA to the Post

According to the Entertainment Retailer’s Association (ERA) annual entertainment chart, Adele’s ‘25’ was the top selling entertainment product of 2015, beating the likes of FIFA, Paddington and Call of Duty. The ERA chart is based on data from Official...
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X and Streaming Mark the Spot

As download sales peak and streaming rises, it wouldn’t be a New Year without a glance back at 2014’s biggest industry stats- so hold on tight for a predictable parade of Spotify, Sheeran and Swift. The Entertainment Retailers Association...
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It’s Friday, Not in Love

A global coalition of leading retailers, trade bodies and independent labels has issued a joint statement calling for a Monday global release day as opposed to the proposed Friday. The signatories include AIM, Rough Trade, The American Association of...
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No New ERA for Retail?

Forget about the return of Twin Peaks– this week’s real nail biting cliffhanger is whether or not the global recorded music industry will shift to the simultaneous release day of Friday. The Entertainment Retailer’s Association (ERA) has warned that...


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