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American Clay are a four piece band from Glasgow, and for those outside of Glasgow there doesn’t seem to be that much we can find out about them at the moment. Multi-instrumentalist Martin Johnston, drummer of Pronto Mama, moves...
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Two-piece Tuff Love out of Glasgow has delivered an early Christmas gift: the moody and subtle track “Duke.” “Keep it simple” is a phrase uttered frequently, mostly by people who actively avoid doing just that. However, Tuff Love kinda...
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Hailing from Glasgow, Tongues. are a band who create bubbly and intriguing pop songs with a raw, gritty electronic base. Their E.P. is set for release this month and so far two songs have been released, the first, ‘Religion’,...
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Today’s tip from HQFU had me digging out my Lexicon Of Musical Neologisms in order better to describe her latest track ‘Dust & Dirt‘. Chilltrancesongtronica was what it suggested, and based on the piece’s varied use of kick drum,...
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Today’s tip sounds completely exotic of this world, sonically transporting you somewhere unknown, however, it comes from Glasgow five-piece Forever. It is the follow-up to their debut track Shame, but is completely different from the pacey guitar rock of...
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Glasgow-based producer Miaoux Miaoux, real name Julian Corrie, is returning this year with his new album ‘School of Velocity’ on Chemikal Underground. ‘It’s The Quick’ comes from the album and it channels The 2 Bears and LCD Soundsystem, thanks...
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There’s something absolutely time-stopping for you today on The Tipping Point. We have for you a new track from Kathryn Joseph. Kathryn is a Scottish musician who has just released her album ‘Bones You Have Thrown Me And Blood...
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If Scotland does gain it’s independence in the near future, boy oh boy England is going to miss it. Our latest Wimbledon winner? Scottish. Our most breathtaking scenic views? Scottish. Our best anthemic, sing your heart out, rock and...
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Glasgow is fast becoming a treasure trove of new music, and thrashy jangly pop duo Honeyblood are rising fast to the top of the pile. ‘Kissing On You’ is a perfect example of their sound, gorgeous vocals and catchy...


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