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How To Keep The Peace Between Employees

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could get along all the time? With different personalities working in one organisation and people spending a significant amount of their time at work, conflict between co-workers is inevitable. It could be a...
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What to do About an Employee With a Side Hustle

The day has come when you find out that an employee has something on the side. Your impulse reaction might be one of surprise and raise questions such as, “How long has this been going on?” or “Aren’t we...
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How To Spot And Stop Workplace Bullying

It is sad but true that bullying is still a significant issue in many organisations. The TUC reported in 2015 that nearly one third of people are bullied at work, with women being more at risk than men. If...
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How To Prepare For The Ageing Workforce

Our population is changing. It’s ageing! Latest projections from The Office of National Statistics report that due to improvements in life expectancy, there could be 8.6 million more people aged 65 or over by the year 2068. If we consider this...
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Help! My Employee Doesn’t Want To Work Their Notice Period!

Whether or not you saw it coming, an employee leaving can present a problem for your business. Even more so if they declare that they are leaving quite suddenly and do not intend on working their contractual or statutory...
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The Power Of The Daily Commute

Ah the daily commute, what does yours look like? Do you dread leaving your house each morning for fear of traffic or delays? Or do you relish the head space to listen to your favourite podcast or read a...
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Cultivating An Inclusive Workplace For Your LGBTQ Employees

July sees month-long pride celebrations taking place worldwide, with rainbow flags flying high and community parades drumming to the beat of solidarity. The colourful and vibrant festivities throughout pride month are led by LGBTQ communities. They encourage the celebration...
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Digital Union’s Membership Figures Double Since May

The Region’s largest network for creative digital businesses has seen its membership figures soar as it looks to cement its position as the North East’s leading business support platform for all things digital. The organisation, powered by Generator –...


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