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PledgeMusic & PRS Foundation’s Emerging Artist Fund

PRS Foundation (the UK’s leading charitable funder of new music and talent development) and PledgeMusic (global direct-to-fan e-commerce platform) teamed up back in April 2018 to unveil the new PledgeMusic & PRS Foundation Emerging Artists Fund which offers support grants of up...
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Evolution Emerging Conference A Roaring Success

Hundreds of ambitious artists, music businesses as well as established acts descended on The Sage Gateshead on Wednesday, 6th June to learn from industry experts on important topics such as musicians’ mental health which was delivered by Barry Hyde...
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At the time of writing, it’s pouring down and freezing cold outside.  But indoors, the skies are blue, the beaches are sandy and it’s only the beer that’s cold, because L I S B O N’s ‘Bluelove’ (or Blue...
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East London’s Azekel is set to release his debut EP – titled ‘Circa’ – through Generator and THNDR LGHTNG on October 28th and, of the five tracks that it boasts, it’s ‘Official’ that we’re looking at today. Growing upon a...
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She’s been toted as the UK female equivalent to Missy Elliot, nicknamed as ‘Sharp Shooter’ and has done her own take on Jay Z‘s 99 Problems, swapping the “b*tch” for “pr*ck”. It’s quite easy to see why she’s getting...
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This week I’m feeling particularly sorry for myself – it’s a Friday night but I’m resigned to reading about anti-capitalist investments for an essay due in next week. Graduation is tantalising close and when it’s all over I picture...
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In the same manner that literary critics will all share a common text that only they know and highly admire, perhaps lying quietly under the radar, Fun Adults are the band of music bloggers and critics. Thoroughly deserving of...
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It feels like pretty much every time I write a Tipping Point these days I’m talking about a band who have just formed this year. I don’t know if there was something magic in the New Year whiskey this...
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The devil’s got all the good tunes. Ever since Elvis Presley enraged Middle America with a swivel of his hips, rock ‘n’ roll and religion have been sworn enemies. When John Lennon made a throwaway comment about The Beatles...


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