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A Less Siloed Industry?

One of the topics at the recent and suitably forward thinking ‘Fast Forward’ conference in Amsterdam was the music industry existing in silos, in particular the lack of dialogue between labels and live promoters in pooling marketing budgets on...
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BPI Want Songs To Remain The Same

The recorded industry has made its views clear on the impending EU referendum, with a recent BPI survey revealing that almost 68% of labels want to remain in the EU. The survey, conducted between April 25th and May 6th,...
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Universal: Fist of the Digital Dollar

Following Warner Music Group’s and Sony’s decision to share revenues from any cash proceeds generated by sales of its equity stakes in streaming services, Music Managers Forum (MMF) CEO Annabella Coldrick has called upon Universal to follow suit. Annabella said: “Record companies...
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BRITS Week Bounds Back

The organisers of the BRIT awards have announced another BRITS week in the run-up to the awards on 24th February next year. The British Phonographic Industry (BPI), who are the organisers of the BRITS have again partnered with live...
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Sonygate as Spotify Contract Leaks

Even in a quiet news month, you can always rely on Spotify, who were this time generating unintended headlines with the leaked publication of a 2011 contract between the streaming service and Sony signed just prior to Spotify’s launch...
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UK Music Measures Up

According to UK Music’s most recent ‘Measuring Music’ report, the music industry contributed £3.8bn to the British economy last year, up by 9% from £3.5bn in 2012. Out of that impressive total, musicians, singers, composers, songwriters and lyricists contributed...
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Rock Royalty Chart Resurgence

Brighton based duo Royal Blood (pictured) made headlines this month, releasing what is reportedly the biggest selling debut rock album in three years. The Official Charts Company reports that the self-titled debut shifted almost 66,000 copies in the first...
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BMG: An Infectious Effect

BMG Chrysalis UK has announced that it has fully acquired leading independent label Infectious Music. Infectious artists such as Alt-J, Drenge, The Temper Trap, Local Natives, Superfood and These New Puritans will move over as part of the deal...
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Global Record Release Day from 2015?

A report from Billboard suggests that the music industry is close to putting simultaneous global release dates in place to assist with combatting piracy. The latest plans could come into effect by July 2015, with all countries putting new releases...


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