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Originally tipped in September, ‘Waterloo’ is an utterly beautiful piece of work, taken from the ‘Where’ EP which was released on Folkroom Records in June. Not a million miles away from the wintry air of Daughter’s album which has...
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After the release of debut track ‘A Moors’ and a stint touring with Kendrick Lamar, you’ve probably already heard whispers on the blogosphere about Raleigh Ritchie. The man behind the loud, fuchsia pink font, who lists his location on...
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I’ve finished my degree at last and I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be putting off real life for a bit longer. In little over a month, I’ll be travelling around Europe and ‘Faraway’ by Lungs is going straight...
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This week I’m feeling particularly sorry for myself – it’s a Friday night but I’m resigned to reading about anti-capitalist investments for an essay due in next week. Graduation is tantalising close and when it’s all over I picture...
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By now I’ve become adept at digging right into the dark depths of search engine obscurity to find even the smallest scrap of information about stubbornly enigmatic artists and Bayou is no exception. Thanks to – as far as...
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It’s a 90s revival. Fashion-wise we’re all supposed to be channeling early episodes of Friends. If you’re going to commit to a crop-top and boyfriend jeans, you may as well do it to a Superfood soundtrack. Their self-titled song...
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Moko is a 21-year-old artist from New Cross in London. ‘Summon the Strength’ is a gratifying amalgamation of minimalist electronics and commanding gospel vocal. She’s one of a group of emerging artists making music that could be classed as...


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