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It feels as though there’s been a gradual loosening of the pernicious pomposity towards straight-up pop music in the last couple of years, even in the more ‘serious’ corners of the music press, which is pretty great. In these...
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The apparently LA-based Pooltheory is another of those mysterious artists who emerge with precious little information attached. Frankly, I’d say that to retain a degree of anonymity in an age where everyone needs to know everything about everyone is...
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When it comes to music, simplest is often best. Lilla Vargen is clearly an artist with a full understanding of this principle, with ‘This is Love’ built around the bare elements of piano and voice. The resulting work is...
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London-based electro duo Death Rattle unleash their new EP Fortress on the world next Monday (April 29th), following in the footsteps of HE&I which was released to some pretty big acclaim at the end of last year. In what...
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It feels like pretty much every time I write a Tipping Point these days I’m talking about a band who have just formed this year. I don’t know if there was something magic in the New Year whiskey this...
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London-born singer Yadi’s childhood was spent surrounded by a veritable patchwork of music brought about by the musical loves of her parents and their diffuse Algerian/Italian/Norwegian backgrounds. It stands to reason, then, that her own music would reflect this...
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Echopark is the work of Antonio Elia Forte, an Italian musician now residing on London. Having spent recent months locked away in his room in Whitechapel, Echopark has emerged with his debut album ‘Trees’ which is released on April...
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Formed out of the ashes of Pop Sex Ltd alumus The Neat, there’s not much Internet blurb around Life yet. But that’s just as well, right, ‘cos it means you can just concentrate on the songs for the time...
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Synthpop types Apollo Gets the Girl only formed last year, and quickly earned sufficient acclaim to be selected on the bill for Newcastle’s Evolution Emerging (the fringe fest for Evolution and showcase for the best of the North East’s...


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