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Tender strings and eye-brow raising falsetto form today’s musical slice of something sweet in the form of Newcastle’s Ajimal. The folk singer speaks about quiet desperation in Apathy/Apatheia and the song becomes something you want to pause your day...
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First day back after a bank holiday? …. The final few hours of work ….trying to see the day out? If so take a pause to listen to ‘Misfit‘ by the breath-taking Starling. Starling is a London songstress who’s dark...
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Today’s tip comes from mono-monikered self-confessed “piano woman” Frances. Taken from her forthcoming eponymous EP, ‘Grow’ is a delicate and heartfelt ballad which showcases her perfectly-intonated voice and elegant way with a handful of keys. I think I hear...
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Keyes’ voice itself runs in a deep modern pop tradition, and is reminiscent of fellow up and coming contemporaries such as New Yorker Verite. It’s little wonder, then, that her debut track ‘Veins’ has racked up more than ten...


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