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BPI Want Songs To Remain The Same

The recorded industry has made its views clear on the impending EU referendum, with a recent BPI survey revealing that almost 68% of labels want to remain in the EU. The survey, conducted between April 25th and May 6th,...
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Sentric Re-Launches Music Services

Independent music publisher Sentric has re-launched its music services division, unveiling a special register of artists alongside a new ‘Masstrax’ library of pre-cleared music. This consists of performing right only music pre-cleared in perpetuity worldwide for televisual broadcast productions....
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Believe in TuneCore

Digital music distributor TuneCore and music publishing administration company Believe Digital have formed a new partnership, proposed to be “a powerful alternative to major labels” and “a truly modern, DIY record label experience with ground support across the globe”....
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Eos & BBC Now On The Rights Track

The BBC has reached an agreement with Eos, the collecting society for Welsh-language songwriters and publishers, signing a new licensing deal and ending a lengthy dispute. Essentially, when PRS made changes to the way that royalties were distributed to...


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