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Storms are a London-based four-piece whose sound fuses a kind of grungy noisiness with psychedelic sentimentalities producing something of a mellow and relaxed stoner rock. Their most recent release, ‘Girl’, is a tale of love and hate and the...
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SLUG is the Sunderland-based project of former Field Music member Ian Black. His debut album ‘Ripe’ was released last month and was co-produced and engineered by former Field Music bandmates David and Peter Brewis. ‘Running To Get Past Your...
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Having racked up over 200,000 listens it’s safe to say that DAUNT’s ‘This Body Rushes’ has been well received. Online, there’s a bit of a mystery over whom or what DAUNT is, reportedly it’s a London based act, but...
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Judging from ‘Fun Garçon’, 2015 is going to be a good year for Glaswegian twins Chloe and Hannah Van Thompson, aka The Van T’s. The song gets underway with overdrive-laden guitar thrashing out chords with energetic drums and a...
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Short and sweet is the agenda for today’s track, clocking in at only a minute twenty-four. But despite its short run time there is plenty going on in VANT’s new track ‘Parasite’. It doesn’t take any time to get...
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London based The Moon appear to be in that early stage of elusiveness still having released very little information about themselves up to this point. However, their first track ‘Eureka Moment’, a song that has a grunge-indie hybrid feel...
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It’s hard to find any information about a band with a name such as Puppy, with Google forcing me to look at cute dog pictures instead, but this London-based trio have created a wonderfully genre-muddled track with ‘Forever’. Tagged...


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