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SoundCloud: Rainy Days Ahead?

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” is an apt description as any of digital music services in 2017. SoundCloud could reportedly run out of cash before the end of 2017 without new investment. ...
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Spotify: Head In The Cloud?

Rumours are swirling that Spotify is gearing up to purchase Soundcloud, with the streaming service refusing to comment on a report from the Financial Times that such a deal is imminent. The situation was cannily described in one tweet as...
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PRS: Cloud Cover

In one of the biggest slabs of industry news this month, the legal eagles are hovering as PRS for Music have announced that it is taking legal action against streaming service SoundCloud. As reported here by Music Week, PRS...
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Merlin Swoop Over SoundCloud

In preparation for the launch of SoundCloud’s forthcoming subscription service, Merlin the global digital rights agency, has announced a landfill sorry “Landmark” partnership deal! Merlin, whose membership includes some of the biggest independents including Beggars Group, Domino, Secretly Group, Epitaph,...
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All I could find out about Cotton Wolf is that they are two blokes (judging from their photo on SoundCloud) and they hail from Cardiff. I guess they decided just to let the music do the talking, and in...
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Keyes’ voice itself runs in a deep modern pop tradition, and is reminiscent of fellow up and coming contemporaries such as New Yorker Verite. It’s little wonder, then, that her debut track ‘Veins’ has racked up more than ten...
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Lord Swans, the one-man project of young talent Matt Bulmer, has been making waves recently with a flurry of new tracks made public on his SoundCloud over the last few months. The indie soloist dropped latest release ‘Woo Cool’...
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Whitley Bay foursome Lisbon return to Evolution Emerging this weekend and occupy the headline spot at The Cluny with indie pop tunes aplenty, including recent single ‘I Don’t Know’. The track has already received over 35,000 plays on SoundCloud...
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Manchester group We Were Strangers might be living up to the own past tense in their name. With an intensely atmospheric sound and a slowly developing fan base, even after only releasing two tracks on to the world, they’re...


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