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Introducing Our Business Experts: Andy Haggerstone – Kaleidoscope

Andy Haggerstone is the founder and managing director of Kaleidoscope, an artist management company and independent record label based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Kaleidoscope was established in 2015, working with artists including SHIELDS, Callum Pitt, and Grace Gillespie. Kaleidoscope’s...

Introducing Our Business Experts: Sam Clegg – Highfly Ventures

Sam Clegg is an advocate for innovation and entrepreneurship; helping SMEs and individuals to advance their business across the North-East and globally. As a director of Highfly Ventures, Sam helps provide marketing and business support for start-up and scale-up...

Introducing Our Business Experts: Philip Veal – Silbo

Who am I? I started my career in the creative industries in the late 1980s. Since then, I have worked as a creative lead for British Airways as well as running my own digital agency, Silbo Ltd, working with clients...


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