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Dreamy, silky and enchanting. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when listening to York based trio, LUUNA and their debut song ‘A Big Fat Something‘. The smooth mellow vocals and deep bass are...
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Maybe they are big vampire fans but Fang Night’s name is a tad misleading. Is it a goth metal band or Twilight chat room? Thankfully not. On the upside this enigmatic duo from London are making some really tasty...
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There is a beautiful desperation about ‘Breathe’, the debut single from London duo Dahlia. It’s as much a lament as a love song, an intimate yet unpretentious examination of the most personal of decisions. It’s that decision that permeates...
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London duo Bat And Ball are back with ‘Stops My Mouth’, with song-writing that cleverly leaves the full meaning up for your own interpretation. Late in 2013 we were given our first taste of their sweet sounding polka-dot pop...
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A two-piece from Scotland, Lionhall are now honourary Geordies after upping sticks and moving to the North East for university. After falling in love with their earliest recordings on bandcamp last year, local label Tiny Lights snapped them up...
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Probably the very last thing you’d expect to come out of Lancaster, Aquilo took the blogosphere by storm last month with their debut track ‘Calling Me’. This factoid does make their Facebook page, which states it was created only...
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Who is INDIANA? Well, she’s from Nottingham, I can tell you that much. I also know that her new single ‘Bound’ sounds like a lascivious affair – the destructive and all-consuming kind. You can definitely file this one under...


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