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Today’s tip comes from Jimi Charles Moody, a man who spectacularly lives up to his surname in ‘The Woman’, a fine slice of orchestral soul documenting his pain at having lent his heart to a lady who may not...
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There’s a new kid on the downtempo electronica scene: Cold Courage. ‘Her’, the first track released by the 23-year-old producer, sees astute samples skip alongside feral vocals and protruding percussion with understated flair. How none of those individual elements...
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Birmingham trio Victories At Sea are a band that refuse to be pigeon-holed. Since forming in 2010, they’ve been honing a sound that spans genres, though their thrilling intensity is ever-present, helping to bag them support slots for the...
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True honesty and integrity is sometimes hard to come by in the world of pop. For every song that storms the chart, there always seems to be a lingering question of authenticity surrounding it. Even Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’...
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With FKA Twigs currently the front runner in the race for this year’s Mercury Music Prize, and the likes of Generator’s own Lulu James making waves in music press, it seems like a great time to be producing intelligent...
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Tusks, real name Emily Underhill, is one talented young lady. She is the writer, performer and producer of the ethereal single which is entitled ‘Dreamcatcher’. The track is a combination of ambient textures, soothing piano and dreamy vocals courtesy...
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I’m not normally one to judge a book by it’s cover, but after viewing the most recent press shots for this Brummie trio I was half expecting a twee Dickensian throwback affair and hit the play button with a...
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Darlia have been dubbed as “the most exciting new guitar band in the UK” by Radio 1′s Nigel Harding, apparently. While rattling through ‘Napalm’, you can almost feel yourself getting swept up in that hype. Almost. Loved by Zane...
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‘Accelerate’ by the young Jamilah is definitely a chart-worthy song. With a really nice, modern RnB groove, it brings artists like Solange to mind. This new wave of RnB is a refreshing change from the days of old, where...


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